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 Looking for Bosses--Check Here

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Looking for Bosses--Check Here Empty
PostSubject: Looking for Bosses--Check Here   Looking for Bosses--Check Here Icon_minitimeMon Jul 06, 2009 4:20 pm

Here is a link with the Mini-bosses of Athens. Good Luck Hunting.

Please (Click here) for pics of bosses

Suburbs of Athens

(Lv.2)--Strong York--(Crispy Woodman)--(166,-78)

(Lv. 6)--Greedy Morney--(Little Snake)--(-81,-6)

(Lv. 14)--Porsama--(Wasp)--(23,-226)

(Lv. 20)--Yata--(Ox)--(11,136)

(Lv. 26)--Canning Kaliya--(Viper)--(-114, 192)

(Lv. 30)--Death Kalisis--(Skeleton)--(197, 134)

(Lv. 30)--Nina--(Wasp)--(-103-204)


(Lv. 32)--Austin--(Boa)--(192,162)

(Lv. 38)Granfendo--(Lion)--(-184,161)

(Lv. 42)Comorse--(Bad-Tempered Deer)--(-89,-59)

(Lv. 44)Robber Leader Negor--(Robbor Lolo)--(135,-123)

(Lv.46)--Frog King Groak--(Frog)--(-1, -205)

(Lv. 50)--Scott--(Little Crocodile)--(-194,-194)

(Lv.47)--Crete Bull--(World Boss)--(197,-59)


(Lv. 50)--Poisonous Parker--(Poisonous Spider)--(172,171)

(Lv. 56)--Boar King Tomas--(Boar)--(-2,-134)

(Lv. 58)--Salose--(Dark Necromancer)--(-161,190)

(Lv. 60)--Wizard Platou(Dark Wizard)--(-135,-9)

(Lv. 64)-Vicious Creeper--(Poisonous Frog)--(134,-190)

(Lv. 68)--Cursed Samuer--(Wandering Skeleton)--(-71,-189)

Megara Coast

(Lv.72)--Soul Holder Sameng(Death Mage)--(-64,97)

(Lv. 76)--Robber Akar--(Mob)--(121,124)

(Lv. 80)--Karl--(Crocodile Selou)--(-186,-70)

(Lv. 86)--Corpse Eater Sherlose--(Skelton Warrior)--(1,-183)

(Lv. 90)--Cold Wind Kaya--(Skeleton Warlock)--(147,-47)

(Lv. 92)--Lord Barry--(World Boss)--(156,-168)


(Lv. 96)--Night Walker Knorld--(Illyria Brigand)--(79,-6)

(Lv. 100)--Huge Hammar Harlis--(Cyclops)--(190,-36)

(Lv. 104)--Morseyasi--(Scholor Kal)--(145,200)

(Lv. 108)--Sharp Axe Duluo--(Persian Scout)--(-22, 111)

(Lv. 112)--Ice Heart Jala--(Wind Elf)--(-111,46)

(Lv. 116)--Crawler Sebore--(Thorn Turtle)--(-189,-177)

(Lv. 106)--Giant Alcelonyous--(World Boss)--(162,5)

(Lv. 120)--Elf Peya--(World Boss)--(-200,150)

Isthmus of Corinth

(Lv. 89)--Aldau--(Bronze Lion)--(-189,34)

(Lv. 96)--Corinthian Nightmare--(Corinthian Boa)--(-12,-80)

(Lv. 96)--Nekoose--(Scary Turtle)--(180,21)

(Lv. 104)--Warrior Ktuoma--(Persian Missionary)--(202,-101)

(Lv. 116)--Fire Lord Neo--(Jaba Astrologist)--(-14,24)

(Lv. 120)--Red Dragon Puluo--(World Boss)--(-183,-42)
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Looking for Bosses--Check Here
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