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 Vice-Leader KaraP--Interview

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PostSubject: Vice-Leader KaraP--Interview   Vice-Leader KaraP--Interview Icon_minitimeThu Jul 09, 2009 5:32 am

What is your name in-game and in real-life?

My characters are KaraP, Zonia/KP, and KhamP. I also always have an apprentice that changes appearance and name but usually KaraP_2.
My name in real-life is (guess what Question Question Question ) Kara Peoples lol!

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Mississippi (North-East) New Albany for most my life, I lived a 6-month stint in California (midways) called Soledad a little valley between Salinas and King City. Currently I live in a little town called Stigler in OKlahoma.

By the way I am from the USA Sleep

Please provide 2-3 photos of your choice and a screenshot of your character(s).

1) This is my favorite wedding photo.
Vice-Leader KaraP--Interview Karaanddale.th

These are my Dogs:

2)Al Capone (We call him Pone or Pone/Bone. He is a full-blooded Deer-Head Chihuahua--Vice-Leader KaraP--Interview Pone.th

3)Baby Girl. She is a Miniature Pincher and Apple Head Chihuahua Mix--Vice-Leader KaraP--Interview Babygirl.th

4)The dogs together lounging--Vice-Leader KaraP--Interview Thedogs.th

5)Screenshot--The Fallen Comrade (Screenshot of my new Char coming soon)
Vice-Leader KaraP--Interview Thefallencomrade.th

What is your favorite God/Greek Mythology Story and Why?

Decisions, Decisions. I have decided to go with the Fates, the Furies, The Moerae. Which ever you have heard them called. I would love to be in the middle fates (Lachesis) position of doling out destiny. I would like to be the one to tell what fate or destiny someone will have. On the other hand I would love to speak with this fate and find out what purpose my life is supposed to have.

To read about the Fates (Click Here)

What is your favorite event and Why?

Treasure Land now that the drop-rate has increased. It gives me a way to get gems and good chests and keys.

What changes have you seen in the game good and/or bad?

One good-change I have seen in the game is the Hermes Spy Quest. We used to have to sneak into Nemea a certain way to get to turn it in. It was a lot harder to finish the quest. (I still miss it though because pvp was easier).

The change I think was worst was when they stopped letting Athens go into Nemea by placing a wizard at Argolis gate and also stopped allowing Spartans to go in Parnitha by setting a Wizard at Parnitha Gate. Sure it was tougher getting tp points but you got to get a feel for pvp when you were more evened out with some players plus you didn't have to deal with the high levels being in Parnitha ofter the people you were challenging were around your level. Plus it made it less stressful in Megara Coast because not everyone was trying to kill everyone in one area they had three.bounce Twisted Evil bounce

But that is enough ranting Rolling Eyes

Please provide any other information you would like your fellow guild-mates to know about you here.

My new craze is Pokemon I just caught the fever. Other things you might find interesting my mother came up with my name Kara after watching a show on Greek Mythology. tongue Seriously though Kara means "Dear One'" or "Pure One" and my middle name Renee means "Born Again" so my name Kara Renee means "Dear One Born Again or Pure One born again" No this wasn't planned it just happend. Razz

Vice-Leader KaraP--Interview BVice-Leader KaraP--Interview BVice-Leader KaraP--Interview BVice-Leader KaraP--Interview BVice-Leader KaraP--Interview BVice-Leader KaraP--Interview B
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Vice-Leader KaraP--Interview
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