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 July 2009--Member LilSyke--Interview

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PostSubject: July 2009--Member LilSyke--Interview   Fri Jul 10, 2009 2:49 am

What is your name in-game and in real-life?

LilSyke and in real life is Jay

Where are you from?

Salmon Arm BC Canada

Please provide 2-3 photos of your choice and a screenshot of your character(s).

1)Me with our big vicious pitbull (Staffodshire bull terrier "Amp" and she is full grown in the picture).

2)The New Honda Cr-Z.jpg - my dream car.

3)Screenshot LilSyke in Megara

What is your favorite God/Greek Mythology Story and Why?

How Zeus overthrew the Titans for ultimate control, because it is a good lesson on how power corrupts all.

For this story (Click here)

What is your favorite event and Why?

The Marathon Racing - for obvious reasons, the rewards

What changes have you seen in the game good and/or bad?

Updating and increasing health for Mages and Priests so you cant one-hit kill them

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July 2009--Member LilSyke--Interview
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