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 {James} or Clicker--Do Not Reinvite

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PostSubject: {James} or Clicker--Do Not Reinvite   Thu Jul 23, 2009 6:09 pm

This one is just too young to be in a guild. At least in my opinion. He always thought we were supposed to hang onto him in our party and no one else in the guild could help him with quests but us.

If we did not answer he threw a fit and left the guild. Then the next day would ask to be reinvited. He did this twice and we told him if he did it again he could not come back.

Well I didn't answer him last night. He threw a fit and left the guild again. He quit being Dale's apprentice simply because we were in bed or fixing to go to bed.

So obviously he is too young to play because he acts like a child that can't get his way. I do not want to deal with someone like that in the guild.

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{James} or Clicker--Do Not Reinvite
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