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 Altars (Buildings)--How do I get the Bonus?

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Altars (Buildings)--How do I get the Bonus? Empty
PostSubject: Altars (Buildings)--How do I get the Bonus?   Altars (Buildings)--How do I get the Bonus? Icon_minitimeMon Jul 06, 2009 4:42 pm

First you need to decide what Gods you want to worship for what Bonus. Look under the Guild in the Building Tab to see the current Gods and what bonuses they give or (Click here).

Now that you have decided to which Gods to Worship you want to know how much you can contribute. Your contribution amount you can spend on Altars is under Stats. (Click here to find out more about Contribution)

Now you know how much you are going to spend on Worship and what Gods you are going to Worship. It is time to find the Altar Priest in Athens (3,-17). Talk to him and choose Altar Buildings. Then choose the God you wish to worship. Then type in the amount you want to spend on that altar.

Ready to see what bonus the Altar gave you look in Guild under Building Tab and choose the God you worshipped. This will also be how you can tell when it is time to add more money to the worship.

Example of What Worshiping a God Does

I am a Priest My starting Magic Attack is

I worship 230,000 contribution to Posiden for Magic Attack The Bonus is


My Magic Attack is now


Now I can beat up those Spartans and Monsters ( Altars (Buildings)--How do I get the Bonus? Icon_cheers Altars (Buildings)--How do I get the Bonus? Icon_twisted )
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Altars (Buildings)--How do I get the Bonus?
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