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 Why is Contribution so Important?

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Why is Contribution so Important? Empty
PostSubject: Why is Contribution so Important?   Why is Contribution so Important? Icon_minitimeMon Jul 06, 2009 4:44 pm

Contribution and What does it mean for me?

Contribution helps you to worship the Altars (Buildings) for Extra Bonuses such as a higher attack, or higher defense for example. This helps you when fighting higher lvl monsters and for fighting Spartans most of them have bonuses because of altars if you were evenly matched before worshiping an altar then the bonus you gain from that alter may make it where you can beat them and gain reputation. (Yay!!!!! Why is Contribution so Important? Icon_bounce )

Contribution-What does it mean for the Guild?

With your funds that go to the guild. We can make the altars higher so the bonuses are better. We can add other buildings such as the tent, senior house, etc. so we can have more members and make more friends. In other words it helps us to make us the top guild with the best stuff.

Guild Quests are Boring-Is there any other way to gain Contribution?

Yes you can donate silver. Go to the Altar Priest in Athens (3,-17) Talk to him and choose basic building. Then choose guild footstone. Then choose donate silver. Here you can donate any amount you want. This not only goes straight to the guild fund but is the total amount of contribution you gain to worship. So if you want to add more to the altar this is great way to do it.
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Why is Contribution so Important?
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