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 Want to be Elite or Director

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PostSubject: Want to be Elite or Director   Want to be Elite or Director Icon_minitimeMon Jul 06, 2009 4:45 pm


The guild takes contribution very seriously. (Click here to see Why contribution is important) It not only benefits the guild but you as well. Of course you want to know how to change ranks in the guild. Simple do Guild Quests. When you do enough Guild Quests (GQ) and recieve

6000 silver contribution - You have made Elite

What do elites do? Well they are able to invite people to the guild so there can be more friends made. Please make sure if you recruit anyone the are the level we are looking for. If not the leaders will adjust accordingly.

12000 silver contribution - You have made Director

What do Directors do? They can issue guild quests for themselves and others and of course invite people to the guild.

I want to be Vice-Leader. How do I become Vice-Leader?

Right now we are only allowed a certain number of Vice-Leaders and they are all very good at what they do. So it is not currently possible to become Vice-Leader. If someone moves on and we do need a Vice-Leader the person who has been with the guild the longest that actively helps other players will be considered first. Contribution plays a role in consideration as well. Contribution shows us that you really want to help the guild.

Current Leader and Vice-Leader and what they do for the Guild

DaleP-Leader-Is online to help other players with questions, boss quests (when he is free), and to keep order in the guild online.

KaraP-Vice-Leader-Same as Dale and to make sure the information you need is put on the Guild Forum

Staisha-Vice-Leader-Currently is making sure the War Materiels Quest is organized so we get maximum points. (If you can't get with Staisha on this Papi-G does on the days she cannot).

FallOut2-Vice-Leader-He is on at times the rest of us are not so that Guild Members in a different time zone have a way to have quests issued. (Thanks FallOut2 he is also FallOut)
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Want to be Elite or Director
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