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 Welcome to the Guild

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Guild   Welcome to the Guild Icon_minitimeMon Jul 06, 2009 4:48 pm

Hi nice to meet you Welcome to the Guild Icon_biggrin Welcome to the Guild Icon_biggrin

Welcome to Athenian Knights glad to have you.

There are a couple of rules for staying in this guild.

Ways to Leave the Guild

Rule #1 If you have not logged in for 10 days we will make room for a more active player. (If you are going on vaction or have exams or rl just is going to get in the way feel free to tell KaraP or DaleP via in game or pm here on the forum. We will hold your spot. If we have no word then you are gone.)

Rule #2 Contribution is not only important for the guild but for you. If you contribution stays at 0 or the same for 10 days then you are not active enough for the guild and will lose your spot.
(Click here to see Why contribution is important)

Rule #3 Excessive foul Language or Racial Remarks or Putting Down your Faction will result in immediate dismissal. (We have people from all over the world in the Guild and Kids too. Plus if you want to be a Spartan go play a Spartan. If you do play a Spartan too that is okay back Athens when you are playing an Athenian and back Sparta when you are playing a Spartan. Welcome to the Guild Icon_razz Welcome to the Guild Icon_rolleyes Welcome to the Guild Icon_wink )

Rule #4 No Excessive Begging (while this is not grounds for immediate dismissal it is important). Most members will help you out with boss quests but you have to remember smaller creatures do nothing for higher lvls. If someone has time and is willing to come help that is great but don't get mad if they don't want to help with daily quests if noone else is around your lvl in the guild. Everyone is this guild has earned what they got by hard work if someone wants to give you something or buy something from you that is fine but don't expect everyone to just give you everything.
In other Words ask only once or twice if no one answers assume they either don't have it or don't want to give it away.

Hopefully none of these ever affect you because we love to see all guild members prosper and have fun in our guild.

If you have a problem with another player please talk to DaleP or KaraP in game by pm or by pm on the forum and we will try to resolve the issue so everyone remains happy within the guild. Thx.

Welcome to the Guild BWelcome to the Guild BWelcome to the Guild BWelcome to the Guild BWelcome to the Guild BWelcome to the Guild B
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Welcome to the Guild
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