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 niko_213 or [E]Spy! DO NOT REINVITE

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PostSubject: niko_213 or [E]Spy! DO NOT REINVITE   Wed Jul 22, 2009 5:42 pm

It seems niko is up to his old tricks again. He thought it was safe to scam another member of the guild with his alt[E]Spy. After I told him he was being watched. He just couldn't help himself. I guess he thought we wouldn't remember is that was his alt or not. He could have even thought that he wouldn't be reported to us.

Oh Well this should make a lot of members happy!!!

As well as I. As a leader I have to give everyone a chance becuz people do change and they hype around him had died down. Although I must say I take great pleasure in removing this member.

Scammars are a bane in the online gaming society. I take great pleasure in doing something mean to a scammar. lol!

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niko_213 or [E]Spy! DO NOT REINVITE
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