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 Leader DaleP--Interview

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PostSubject: Leader DaleP--Interview   Leader DaleP--Interview Icon_minitimeFri Jul 10, 2009 2:19 am

What is your name in-game and real-life?

Characters: DaleP, C.D.P., Zone/DP and C.D.P.'s replacement DaleP_2. Then I always have an apprentice that is forever changeing.

In real-life Dale Peoples

Where are you from?

I was born in Haines City Florida where I lived until I was 10 years old. Then my family moved to Mississippi (Northeast) close to Tupelo. Upon the age of 17 I entered the Navy and lived in several places such as Mayport, Florida and Boston Massachusetts for a short time; eventually to end living again in (Northeast) Mississippi. I now live in a little town in Oklahoma called Stigler while taking a break for about 2 years living where I went to college in Okmulgee Oklahoma eventually to return here.

Of course these are all in the USA Like a Star @ heaven

Please provide 2-3 photos of your choice and screenshot of character(s) here.

1)The Great Unveiling Laughing
This is me and my wife the day we were getting married.
Leader DaleP--Interview Marriages.th

2)Everyone needs an uplifiting quote:
Leader DaleP--Interview Eaglet.th

3)From LilSyke's Idea. My dream car. A 1965 Mustang
Leader DaleP--Interview Dalesdreamcar.th

4)Screenshot--The Fallen Comrade (Screenshot of my new char. coming soon.)
Leader DaleP--Interview Thefallencomrade.th

What is your favorite God/Greek Mythology Story and Why?

While Greek Mythology and Stories of the Gods are great, they are not what sparks my interest.

My favorite part of the history of the Gods lies with the Muses. Clio the muse of history was great because if she did really exist that is where all the stories of Greek Mythology stem from.

Greek Architecture is of great value and many of the stories about the great Gods were performed in theaters. Temples built to the great Goddesses were made with such elaborate and fancy material I can only imagine the beauty it must have been back in the time of the Gods.

Want to Know More about Greek Architecture (Click here) and (Click here)

What is your favorite event and Why?

My favorite event on the game is war materials because it gives me TP points and exp. It also gives the guild contribution and this helps us all out in the long-run.

What changes have you seen in the game good and/or bad?

The Marathon Event is a good event that has been recently added because it gives us a way of gaining e-gold where we do not have to spend our hard-earned money on the game itself this way we can eventually become stronger players.

Although this is not a change in the game; I really believe that champs have an unfair advantage on other classes in the game because they have such strong attack and AOE’s. I understand having a stronger attack as an advantage for champs but not to the point where it is impossible to get close enough to them to attack before they knock you half-way or more down. Before you can even get them in range for attack (This is from a Warrior and Priest point-of-view) Of course if their attack reaches a mage before they get to cast a spell it is unfair also because mage has such low defense to begin with.

Provide any information you would like your fellow guild-mates to know about you here.

I am proud to say I have earned to college degrees in Construction Management and Construction Plumbing (although I cannot use them at this time). I graduated with a 3.8 or A average.

I love woodworking as a hobby and doing all sorts of repairs on old homes. I made my home that was worth $8000 dollars when I moved in to at last appraisal $32,000 just by doing a little bit of handiwork.

I also love Bald Eagles (although other eagles are nice too). I collect them in figurines and photos.

Leader DaleP--Interview BLeader DaleP--Interview BLeader DaleP--Interview BLeader DaleP--Interview BLeader DaleP--Interview BLeader DaleP--Interview B
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Leader DaleP--Interview
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